DS doll head

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Changing the doll head and wig is very easy, please watch the video: Head Setup sex dolls for sale . Various heads have movable eyes, please check the video to see how to rotate the eyes of the doll: Rotate the eyes of the doll. So far, only “Kathy” and “Penny” have the “Blowjob Feature”.

The sex toy industry is really on the rise. Soon, the world will fully accept the existence of sex toys and sex dolls and treat these items as normal. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to quarantine indefinitely, it’s more likely that sales of sex dolls and sex toys will increase more than they are now. mini sex doll After the coffee surgery, he didn’t have the strength to dress Marilyn again. Marilyn’s head was put in the trunk, and the clothes and blankets were in it. He plans to bring Marilyn to his hometown after the new year.

As you know, to prevent the spread of disease, “use responsible dolls”, in other words, remember to avoid using sex dolls with others. cheap sex doll In this dialogue, the content of the dialogue not only explained the strange behavior of the former male protagonist and Xiao Wang pushing a wheelchair to date Xiao Wang, but also explained that in modern society, there are many “love of the owner”. Incompetence. “This is another deep theme left by the film to the public.

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Compared with inflatable dolls, sex dolls are more realistic. Although it is a doll, it actually depends on the structure of the body and the appearance of a beautiful girl. In the making workshop, you can’t imagine how to make beautiful and charming dolls and TPE. The various parts of the doll’s body are produced individually, and body parts such as arms, head, legs, feet, etc. are individually manufactured and then assembled. In addition, these dolls require bathing, makeup, manicure, hair styling systems, and have high requirements on their skin tone, makeup and hair, and most dolls must conform to the aesthetics of the public.

The prototype robot is a student art, with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 54 kg, C-type, with human skin and the operation of the artificial intelligence system, the skin is close to human skin, and has five different personalities.